About Us

North Claybelt is a community-based agency offering financial and counselling assistance for new and existing small businesses in our area of Northern Ontario, Canada. To attain its objectives of creating and maintaining jobs and contributing to the economic development of the area, North Claybelt provides local businesses with information, consulting assistance, loans, loan guarantees, and equity investment.  We are also involved in numerous economic development initiatives, including Head Start in Business and Northeast Community Network.   


North Claybelt is administered by a Board of local civic, professional and business volunteers.

Claude Babin                   President                    Moonbeam

Gilbert Peters                  Vice President            Kapuskasing

Ron Nadeau                     Treasurer                   Kapuskasing

Cathy Ellis                        Director                     Iroquois Falls

Michelle Lebel                 Director                     Kapuskasing

Denis Dorval                    Director                     Opasatika / Val-Rita / Harty

Sue Perras                         Director                     Smooth Rock Falls

Anne Lynn Kucheran     Director                     Fauquier / Strickland

Luc Denault                      Director                     Cochrane


The experienced staff at North Claybelt understands small business and the local marketplace. They offer their expertise to guide existing and aspiring entrepreneurs through the steps to owning and operating their own business in Northern Ontario. 

Linda Semczyszyn     Executive Director

Josée Labelle               Business Development Consultant

Brigitte Beadow          Administrative Assistant

Mary Jane Sonier       Financial Services Officer

Sara Haldenby            Tile Drainage Program Coordinator                   Northeast Community Network

Trista Vermette           Program Manager                                                  Head Start in Business

Phil Dittburner           Program Coordinator – Algoma/Manitoulin     Head Start in Business 

Cierra Parkhill            Program Coordinator – Kenora                           Head Start in Business 

VACANT                      Program Coordinator – Thunder Bay                 Head Start in Business 

VACANT                      Program Coordinator – Terrace Bay                   Head Start in Business 

Natalie Léonard          Program Coordinator – Hearst/Kapuskasing    Head Start in Business 

Emily Breault               Program Coordinator – North Bay                     Head Start in Business


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Tel: 705.337.1407

Toll: 1.888.289.4233

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6 Ash Street

Kapuskasing, ON  P5N 2C8

Satellite offices in Iroquois Falls & Cochrane